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Iconic Signs & Awnings produces various illuminated, custom signs for indoor and outdoor use. The light boxes are constructed as a box with a light inside which provides back-light for a graphics panel. Light boxes are widely used by retail stores and as company signs. 

LED Channel Letting signs are easy to see and read in the dark and relay information from sales event promotions to brand reinforcement and information regarding store operation. Backlit signs are also used indoors in restaurants, public buildings or retails stores. They stand out because of their light and catch the eyes of visitors. Light boxes can use various display panels that can be changed over time. 

Types of LED Channel letter signs:

LED Channel letter signs are made from metal or acrylic plastic letters custom made designs used for exterior signage purposes. Hence the name, LED,  channel letters are internally Illuminated, even though there are different types of LED Channel letter signs. Take a look at the different type of LED Channel letter signs there are.

Front Lit Channel Letter

Front-lit Channel letters are illuminated from within, a variety of different patterns of lights to draw the attention of bystanders that pass by. The front lip Channel letters are the standard LED Channel letter signs most companies usually get.   This instance is where the custom-made letters are illuminated from within, this is performed with using translucent acrylic plastic material.


Reverse Lit Channel Letter

Could reverse lit Channel letter is also referred to as the Halo Lit Channel letters, This is the type the Flash’s light from behind the letters making it pop out causing girl 3D halo effect.  having an experienced Channel letter sign maker is very important because if you have a good design then it will take a skilled professional materialize it for you as an awesome LED reverse lit Channel letter signage for your business.


Open Face Channel Letter

Open face Channel letters Have clear acrylic which leaves the LED lights open for the brightest view of channel letter type of a signage for a business. Open face signage is usually the highest quality form of LED Channel lettering sign in the business since the LED is exposed so, by all means, it has to visually look good as well because it is not covered what a translucent acrylic plastic.


Specialty Channel Letters

Special Channel letters including a unique custom design that is incorporated within the channel letter sign. Specialty Channel letters contain a design that incorporates the logo and the name of the business 4 Custom Design LED Channel lettering. Having a good designer is important to have the best outcome of your logo and company name on your sign Then manufacturing it by hand to look exactly as it was designed is the

How much do LED channel letter signs cost?

LED Channel lettering is very expensive ranging from $500 to 1200 per square foot.  Liberty signs and awnings have the best prices simply because we are a family base signs and awnings company and not a large corporation with too many expenses.

Our signs and awnings services all types of budgets for small or large business advertisement needs.

Contact us for an affordable estimate on a LED Channel letters signage for your business.

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